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About HumanR

HumanR is a driven and professional service provider specialized in offering payroll solutions, exclusively to highly skilled, migrants (expats).


With an expert team of consultants and specialists, we are available on a daily basis to advise our clients, answer their questions, draw up contracts and pay salaries correctly and on time.


We offer a comprehensive one-stop-shop service in payroll solutions in the areas of immigration, wages, social security, tax, relocation and applications for the 30% ruling. We are also transparent about our rates, so you always know where you stand.

Our Customers

We cater to both large multinationals as well as to SME’s with few employees. Many of our customers are active in the technology sector. However, all our customers have one thing in common: thanks to our efforts, these companies can focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Recognized Sponsor IND

Recognized Sponsor IND

HumanR is a recognized sponsor with the Immigration and Naturalization Department (IND). Only recognized sponsors may be (legal) employers of highly skilled migrants. A lot of employers who are not recognized sponsors, but still wish to hire highly skilled migrants, do so by collaborating with us. These companies therefore do not have to worry about all administrative obligations and procedures. They can fully focus on working with the highly skilled migrant.

Good Employment Practices

Good Employment Practices

HumanR stands for good employment practices. Our employees are assured of a timely and correct payment of their salary. They are also entitled to receiving from us their holidays and vacation pay. In addition, they continue to be paid in case of illness and are collectively insured against accidents. Employees also benefit from premium discounts on, for example, health insurance.

Why Work With HumanR?

Why work with HumanR?

Hiring highly skilled migrants is a time-consuming hassle that involves a lot of costs. The good news is that you can avoid this by working with HumanR, a payroll company that offers complete payroll solutions.

Since its inception, HumanR has solely been working with knowledge migrants, delivering complete payroll solutions to various companies in the Netherlands. We work closely with immigration and labor lawyers and tax advisers, who provide advice and intervene when necessary. This allows us to ensure compliance, cut unnecessary hassle and help our customers focus on their core business. Moreover, we are transparent about our rates, so you always know where you stand.

We help you with all administrative and legal aspects of hiring a highly skilled migrant. Moreover, we act quickly: already within 2 weeks your new employee can be placed on our payroll, who can then be “loaned out” to your company.

How we work

The following overview gives you a clear picture of our working method, from the moment we come into contact with a customer to placing a highly skilled migrant on our payroll.

  • 1. Negotiation Details

    Desired start date, contract duration, salary, number of vacation days, other conditions.

  • 2. Provide Required Information & Documents

    I.e. copy passport of potential employee, CV, diplomas, etc.

  • 3. Signing of Contracts

    Secondment agreement with client & employment agreement with potential employee.

  • 4. Submitting Application

    We apply for a residence permit with the IND through one of our experienced legal partners. They supervise the process and ensure that the outcome is realized as successfully as possible.

  • 5. Waiting for Approval

    Usually, the IND takes about 2-4 weeks to assess the application, possibly request for additional information and then make a decision.

  • 6. Arrival in the Netherlands

    After collecting the entry visa (MVV) from the Dutch embassy / consulate, the highly skilled migrant can fly to the Netherlands.

  • 7. Registration

    Shortly after arrival, the highly skilled migrant visits an Expat Center or IND office to collect his/her residence permit and then registers with the municipality (BSN registration).

  • 8. Housing and Other Matters

    Housing is usually arranged in advance by the customer, HumanR or the highly skilled migrants themselves. Practical matters such as opening a bank account and health insurance can be arranged during this phase.

  • 9. Starting Work

    The highly skilled migrant can now work for the customer and receives his salary from HumanR at the end of each month. At the same time, HumanR invoices its customer for every salary month.

  • 10. Applying for 30% Ruling

    After employment commences, the 30% ruling can now officially be applied for with the Dutch Tax Authorities (a.k.a. Belastingdienst).




With only 2 employees and one customer, we started our activities in 2007



We have worked together with more than 500 highly skilled professionals



Starting with IT, we have rapidly grown in other sectors include Finance, Engineering & Healthcare



The IND has never rejected a single case of ours

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Our primary staffing goal is to cost effectively and efficiently cover your specific demands and requirements.

Let us know what your staffing needs, and we shall be glad to offer you our services.