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As an employer, you have a lot of rights, obligations and responsibilities. When hiring a knowledge migrant there are even more duties. Payroll is a good solution for employers who want to be unburdened by all of this. By relinquishing all administrative tasks and risks of the employer, such as salary payments, drawing up employment contracts and absenteeism, one can focus on doing business again.

How do we calculate payroll costs?

The payroll costs depend on a number of factors. On this page you will discover which factors these are, so that you get a clear picture of how HumanR calculates its payroll rate.

All-in-1 Payroll Rate

The following way of calculating costs is also known as the all-in-1 payroll rate. This payroll rate actually includes all costs that come with someone who is employed. You will therefore not receive a separate invoice for holiday pay and holidays taken! The all-in-1 payroll rate includes the following (see chart)

  •  Payroll administration = pay slips, annual statement, employment contracts, risk management, and employee service & support
  •  Employer’s costs = wage tax, social insurance contributions (pension fund, disability insurance, sickness insurance, unemployment benefit), health & safety service, accountant.

HumanR Saves You Costs!

By making use of payroll, you not only save time, but also money. In many cases, payroll is on balance cheaper than if you would hire a highly skilled migrant directly.

You save time and money on:

  • Accountancy
  • Payroll administration
  • Drawing up an employment contract
  • Resolving possible conflicts
  • Absenteeism insurance
  • Resolving possible (financial) disputes
  • Transition fees
  • Answering questions from staff
  • Continued payment in case of illness or holiday
  • Applying to become a recognized sponsor

The Benefits for you as a client using a payroll construction

The all-in-1 payroll rate has a number of advantages for you as an employer. The biggest advantage is that you do not run any risks as an employer. You know the exact payroll costs per month and you only pay for the period that has been agreed in advance. You will therefore not receive an extra invoice during public holidays, vacation periods or illness. Moreover, you do not have to deal with your employee administration, which saves you time that you can devote to other important tasks in the workplace, such as recruiting new employees, performance reviews, career guidance, etc.

The benefits for your employees

Moreover, it is also nice for your employees to be on the payroll of HumanR. They are assured of monthly salary that is paid on time and correctly. We are also able to answer all their salary-related questions. Would you like to use our services, but first would like to know more about the costs? We respond promptly and can provide an attractive offer.

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Salary Criteria Conditions 2022

Did you know that a minimum salary has been set for highly skilled migrants? Standard amounts are indexed annually. As of January 1, 2022 (until December 31, 2022), the gross monthly salary excluding holiday allowance is as follows:

  • € 3,549.00 (excluding 8% holiday allowance) for highly skilled migrants younger than 30 years. This equals to a gross annual salary of € 45,995.00 (including 8% holiday allowance).
  • € 4,840.00 (excluding 8% holiday allowance) for highly skilled migrants aged 30 or older. This equals to a gross annual salary of € 62,726.00 (including 8% holiday allowance).
  • € 2,543.00 (excluding 8% holiday allowance) for highly skilled migrant after the search year for a graduate or highly educated person. This equals to a gross annual salary of € 32,957.00 (including 8% holiday allowance).

Example: with a 3-month contract, a 30 years old Highly Skilled Migrant is paid out 3 x € 4,840.00 = € 14,520.00

A highly skilled migrant who is 29 years of age and who signs a long-term contract will continue to receive the salary that he started with, even after his 30th birthday.


Our primary staffing goal is to cost effectively and efficiently cover your specific demands and requirements.

Let us know what your staffing needs, and we shall be glad to offer you our services.